From annoying to down-right painful, a sudden eye injury can have a significant impact on your health. While the first inclination may be to head to the closest emergency room, many times the hospital will refer you to an emergency eye care provider, such as Elite Eye Care. 

It’s crucial to call Elite Eye Care immediately for emergency eye care if you or a family member develop any of these symptoms: 

  • Chemicals, metal, or any other foreign body in the eye
  • New onset flashes and/or floaters
  • New or worsening pain or swelling following eye surgery
  • Pink eye
  • Sudden double vision
  • Sudden loss of vision

We have specialized equipment and training to handle these emergencies. If you or a family member have an injured eye, contact us immediately and ask that you don’t: 

  • Press on or rub the eye
  • Attempt to remove a foreign body or embedded object
  • Use dry cotton, such as a cotton swab, on the eye

You can count on the Elite Eye Care team to provide thorough and compassionate care during an eye emergency.